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By: Kaitlin Hawke


Spring is a wonderful breath of fresh air after a long, dark, and cold period of winter. People are usually pretty happy to see the snow and the darkness of winter disappear. Renewal, rebirth, and hope flood the air as the temperatures continue to rise and the sun stays out just a little bit longer each day. In every corner, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and people are coming outside. Next thing you know, grills and smokers are coming out of garages, getting dusted off, and backyard barbeques begin. Getting to be outside and around other people allows for even more opportunity to renew old friendships and build new ones.


Could you imagine a spring without other people? Or even worse, a spring where everyone was outside enjoying life, but you had to stay inside and watch from a distance? Now, as hard as that is to immagine, I think that sometimes this might be how it feels to have a hearing loss. Not very many people realize how much having a hearing loss can cut you off from people. Everything is not lost, however. Choosing to have hope with a hearing loss is easier than you think. Turns out, there are many ways that hearing losses can be helped in a way that can bring hope and joy to everyone so that connections with people can be made.


Something that is very simple that can help with a hearing loss is simply getting your hearing tested. Through a hearing test, our fantastic Audiologists are able to identify where exactly a hearing loss is taking place, and can suggest the hearing aid that will best help with your specific hearing loss. Really loving the hearing aids that were suggested to you, but having a different type of issue? All of our Audiologists are trained and prepared to clean out that excess wax that is stuck in your ears. Trouble with the hearing aids themselves? Eager to do all they can, our Audiology Assistants are ready to help with hearing aid cleanings, Bluetooth connectivity issues, dead or malfunctioning hearing aids, and anything else that presents a problem that they can help with.

Getting frustrated with listening to all that feedback noise? I can guarantee that our team at Better Hearing & Audiology is ready to do all they can to make that go away. Essentially, whatever your issue may be, this team is “hear” and ready to help in any way possible. Spring is a time for hope and happiness, and helping with hearing needs is the way that this team is going to help.


Having hope is a powerful thing. Opportunities to boost that hope through hearing is what the Better Hearing & Audiology team is here for. Please come in and see what they can do for you. Enjoy your Spring!!

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