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Love as Sound

Why do so many poets, in so many different places, over so many different time periods all want to write about love? I think that it is because love can be so many different things. Love can be chocolates and flowers; it can be a trip into the mountains; it can be a brand new car. Most people would probably agree that love goes a little something like what I have suggested. But how many of you have thought about love as sound? I don’t just mean finding the greatest love ballad written in the 80’s; I mean the very essence of sound as one of the five senses—the sound of love.

Sounds I Love…and Sounds I Don’t

I’d bet that if you thought about it, there would be many instances where you have heard the sound of love. Some love to hear wings sizzling in the oven on the Fourth of July while the kids are outside jumping on the trampoline with a sprinkler under it. Others love to sit and listen as the rain plinks off the top of the roof keeping pace with the snaps and pops of the fire in the fireplace. To some, it is the roaring of the ocean as the waves beat into the sand, while others prefer the almost inaudible sound of their own breath in the silently falling snow. These sounds and many others like them are the sounds of love.

Loving/Hearing Each Other

But there is one sound that stands far above all the rest—I think anyways. This sound is the sound of another person. Now, some may be inclined here to think, “Well, it would be nice if I could turn off some of the noise of other people.” While this may be true in some instances, I think in most cases we want to hear each other. It could be the tiny giggles that come from a new baby. It might be a spouse declaring they are finally home from work. It could be that new boy/girl asking you out for the first time. It might be that same person asking to spend the rest of time legally bound to you. It could be comforting words after a loss. It might even be the announcement that someone brought snacks—personally, I wish I heard this more often. It could simply be, “I love you.” Being able to hear these types of sounds allow each of us to build priceless connections with each other.  Take away sound and it makes it so much harder to make and keep these connections.  People need these connections. People need sound. People need love.

Hearing Love Once Again

Now, life is not perfect. At some point, many people are going to experience a decline in their hearing. But, that does not mean all is lost. Here at Better Hearing & Audiology, our team is dedicated to helping you in any way we can. We love to have fun and keep things bright, and we can do that because we are doing our best to make your life better. As you build connections here working with our team, we will help you build connections out there. We want to give you the Sound of Love.

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